School of Engineering

As the oldest in the state, our School of Engineering has a rich history and outstanding reputation for educating students in the chemical, electrical, mechanical, civil, biomedical, computer, and geological disciplines. That translates into our students researching earthquake preparedness, improving infrastructure, bettering broadband technologies, developing advanced natural resources conservation methods, coordinating mineral-related research in Mississippi, and more.

Five Ways to Support Engineering

Grow the Ole Miss Family

Student Scholarships

Scholarships transform lives. Even with competitive tuition rates, it still can be challenging for many Ole Miss students and families to pay for college. Your support enables the next generation of engineers and computer scientists to fulfill their potential and make a difference in our state and beyond. The School of Engineering encourages alumni and friends to consider funding merit-based scholarships, rewarding high-performing students, and need-based scholarships, extending access to higher education.

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Branch Out

Graduate Student Support

To step up recruitment of top graduate students, we must identify ways to be more competitive, particularly in the area of graduate student stipends. Often, we lose talented prospective students to other programs offering more lucrative stipends. We offer 13 graduate degree program from our six departments, and we are home to six engineering research centers – all enhancing the graduate student experience. Students earning advanced degrees drive innovation.

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Nurture Strong Leadership

Faculty and Distinguished Visitor Support

Dedicated professors define the university’s academic reputation. The influence they wield is indisputable – and invaluable. The scholars who make up our faculty not only share their vast knowledge with our students, they also fuel a love of learning and expand understanding of the world. They ignite passion for public service. In short, they create leaders. An investment in our faculty is an investment in our students, and subsequently in our academic reputation.

Resources also are needed to build a program for bringing stellar professionals and innovators in engineering and computer science to campus. This includes hosting nationally- and internationally-renowned speakers as well as world-class research collaborators to engage with our students, faculty, and staff.

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Support Real-World Solutions

Program Support

Experiential education is a high priority for the School of Engineering. The Co-op Program, student design teams, and undergraduate research provide excellent opportunities to apply classroom knowledge to projects in a job, for competition, and to generate new ideas in a lab. Students who take part in experiential education increase their marketability to employers which strengthens our academic reputation. Private support is needed to help remove financial barriers, such as living and travel expenses during internship, co-ops, and summer research. Funds are also needed to enable student teams to fabricate, test, and then compete at the regional or national level. In addition, we would like to see more of our engineering students study abroad. In the end, all of our students benefit from strong office of engineering career services.

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Establish Roots

Facilities Support

Anderson Hall and other engineering facilities require significant renovation and upgrades, with the goal of meeting the high standard needed for top-tier classroom instruction and lab experiences. It is crucial for strong undergraduate and graduate programs in engineering to offer modern research laboratories to encourage and support exceptional work. State-of-the-art facilities are critical for enabling the type of cross-disciplinary, collaborative research that contributes to technological and economic development in Mississippi, the region, and the nation.

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