Help the Sally McDonnell Barksdale Honors College Grow

The Honors College merges intellectual rigor with community action. We offer an education similar to that at prestigious private liberal arts schools and universities, but at a far lower cost. We attract a diverse body of high-performing students and prepare citizen scholars who are fired by the life of the mind, committed to the public good, and driven to find solutions.

Four Ways to Support the Honors College

Grow the Ole Miss Family


Scholarships transform lives. Even with competitive tuition rates, it still can be challenging for many Ole Miss students and families to pay for college. Your support enables the next generation of researchers, innovators, and civic leaders to fulfill their potential and make a difference in our state and beyond.

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Nurture Strong Leadership

Research Funds

Our faculty give the majority of their time to our students, but it’s important they’re able to continue their own work, too. This allows them to stay current in their field of study, as well as produce work that often garners acclaim for the university. Funding research provides faculty resources for research travel, laboratory work, residency programs, or simply to have uninterrupted time for analysis and writing. It also helps fund summer salaries to help faculty take on students during summer and provides student stipends for summer or semester-long research.

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Support Real-World Solutions

Student Internships

Our faculty believes in hands-on experiences for students, achieved through internships that are often unpaid. Your support could help create a named fellowship to support students working in unpaid internships or research opportunities, especially those of short duration, as well as sponsored internships.

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Branch Out


Augmenting academic studies with the experience necessary to succeed allows our students to excel in their chosen career after graduation. Funding fellowships will allow us to add to those we are currently able to offer; support students who are extending a stay abroad through independent travel/research; fully fund a semester at a specific university, such as Oxford or Cambridge; and to expand study abroad opportunities to more and varied majors.

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