Help the College of Liberal Arts Grow

A liberal arts education is as wide and varied as our students. We set the foundation for all degrees earned at UM, and offer 40 undergraduate degrees, 32 graduate degrees, and 50 minor fields of study in disciplines associated with the arts, humanities, natural sciences, mathematics, and social sciences. We teach students to successfully navigate complexity, diversity, and change, readying them for the widest array of career options. Better yet, they are prepared for a meaningful life.

Five Ways to Support Liberal Arts

Provide Time to Learn

Graduate Student Stipends

Advanced degrees may take five to six years to complete, and that length of time spent studying can create a financial burden for graduate students. Funding larger graduate stipends allows us to be more competitive in attracting outstanding scholars, and allows them time to focus on their studies rather than having to find work off campus to make ends meet. Outstanding graduate students strengthen our academic programs, increase faculty productivity, and ultimately improve our national rankings.

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Nurture Strong Leadership

Faculty Support

Dedicated professors define the university’s academic reputation. The influence they wield is indisputable – and invaluable. Our faculty not only share their knowledge with our students, they fuel a love of learning and ignite passion for public service. In short, they educate the next generation of leaders. An investment in new endowed faculty positions is an investment in our students, and our academic reputation.

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Tend to Creativity

Summer Research Grants

Summer research grants provide our faculty with resources for research travel, equipment purchases, residency programs, or simply to have uninterrupted time for analysis, writing, and the creative process over the summer months. Through this summer program, faculty make important progress on their creative and scholarly activities, which helps our national and international recognition.

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Better Learning Spaces

Facilities Improvements

Updated spaces ensure a continued pursuit of excellence in an environment that optimally promotes learning. Many of our more than 100 College of Liberal Arts classrooms need technology upgrades, new classroom furniture, and a general refresh. Private support can help fund new equipment or renovations to create specialized teaching or laboratory spaces that are more productive for faculty and students.

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Transform Lives

Undergraduate Student Support

Many students need more than financial support to succeed at the university. They also need a supportive community, academic assistance, hands-on engagement, and mentorship. Here are three programs that help undergraduates succeed.

• ARISE (A Research Immersive Science Experience) improves the pipeline of students pursuing STEM degrees in Mississippi by matching high school and community college students with a summer research laboratory project in the College of Liberal Arts, Engineering, or Pharmacy before admission to UM.

• FASTrack (Foundations for Academic Success Track) is a learning community that helps first year students transition to the University by providing a comprehensive support network of professional educators and peer mentors. The program also offers linked courses, small class sizes, and leadership opportunities.

• Supplemental Instruction supports historically difficult general education courses with free, peer-led group study sessions each week that help students compare notes, discuss readings, solve problems, develop organizational tools, and practice test questions. Students who participate regularly in SI sessions earn higher grades than those who do not. Funding will assist in the expansion of courses supported by Supplemental Instruction.

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