Ole Miss Family Leadership Council

The Family Leadership Council supports areas in Student Affairs, including health and wellness, campus safety, career services, and student leadership. Membership enables parents to direct their support to programs that enhance the student experience and strengthen the university.

Five Ways to Support the Ole Miss Family Leadership Council

Career Center

Career planning and development are a crucial part of every student’s college experience. Our Career Center offers comprehensive career and professional development programs that include coaching/advising sessions and assessments; educational outreach for students who are exploring majors; industry panels featuring outstanding alumni; career fairs and other networking events; and assistance in preparing for internship, job, and graduate school interviews. Your gift ensures that the next generation of graduates will be successful in the professional world, or as students say, “in the real world.”

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University Counseling Center

An increasing number of students report a variety of stressors that lead to mental health concerns during their time in college. Helping students effectively address these issues leads to an improvement of overall personal well-being. Support of our counseling center helps us equip students with skills through the psychoeducational programs that can decrease the likelihood that they develop mental health issues. We provide outpatient therapy services to help students identify issues and make healthy changes. We also aim to provide students with professional resources during times of mental health crises or emergencies.

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Student Disability Services

Over the past four years, Student Disability Services (SDS) has seen a 68 percent increase in students with disabilities registered with the department. Research shows that college students with disabilities are at increased risk of academic difficulties and have lower retention and graduation rates than college students without disabilities. We work with individual students, developing accommodation plans to assist in the removal of academic barriers that may impact opportunities for success. We also collaborate with the larger university community to create environments that enhance opportunities for academic success, retention, and graduation.

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Student Affairs Leadership and Engagement Endowment

To meet the needs of the ever-growing student body and expanding academic programs, a $50 million expansion and renovation project has nearly doubled the Ole Miss Student Union’s physical space. This transformation offers a variety of naming opportunities connected to the physical spaces of the building. Contributions to secure these naming opportunities are directed to the permanent Student Affairs Leadership and Engagement Endowment to provide sustainable resources dedicated to enhancing leadership development opportunities for students.

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William Magee Center for Wellness Education

Alcohol and drug misuse is a serious concern on college campuses everywhere, including the University of Mississippi. While the problem may be the same on every campus, our approach to finding a solution is different. Guided by the latest research, the Magee Center’s goal is to change students’ and families’ lives by becoming a nationally recognized leader in substance misuse prevention and support in a collegiate environment.

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