Flagship Constellations

Bringing together the brightest minds to cast light upon the issues of our time.

As our state’s flagship university, we’re committed to serving and leading our state. As one of America’s top research institutions, it is our responsibility to find new solutions to the health and social issues affecting not only Mississippi communities, but also the nation, and the world. From big data to community wellbeing, disaster preparedness to brain injury recovery, these complicated issues demand collaborative thinking. The UM Flagship Constellation initiative launches a multidisciplinary response to inspire and accelerate meaningful solutions. Visit the Flagship Constellations website for more information.

Big Data

We have access to more data from more sources than ever before. But how might we harness data to inform smarter decisions and discover better solutions? The Big Data team is pursuing how to best gather and secure data, as well as developing more powerful applications to analyze and visualize data.

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Brain Wellness

The human brain is both mysterious and wonderfully complex. It is also the core of many health issues. We are bringing together an academically diverse team to realize a fuller understanding behind brain function as a result of injury, addiction, and disease.

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Community Wellbeing

Communities across the rural-urban continuum face increasing challenges to their economies, personal health, environmental health, food security, housing, and infrastructure. We work within communities to identify the factors impairing their wellbeing and deploy new programs to build more vibrant communities.

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Disaster Resilience

Reducing the impact of disasters on our communities requires a multifaceted methodology: prevention, preparedness, response, and recovery. Together, we will develop technologies, tools, and inform policies to mitigate disasters and increase the resilience and sustainability of communities.

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