2019-2020 Flagship Society Honor Roll

The University of Mississippi proudly recognizes its Flagship Society charter members. Membership is based on cumulative giving of $1,000 or more during a single fiscal year to any academic area of the University*. Outright gifts, pledges and matching gifts count toward annual membership.

Platinum $5,000+

Cynthia M. and James D. Abbott
Helen B. and Wadie H. Abraham, Jr.
Mary H. and George E. Abraham II
Nancy H. and Richard B. Akin
A. Cheli and Samuel F. Alexander
R. Wayne Alexander
Emily A. Allen
Deborah D. and Steven D. Ammann
Fritz Anderson
Cathy Annexstad
Carey S. and James S. Armstrong
Sarah W. and John T. Armstrong, Jr.
Charlotte A. and James E. Baine
William C. Baird, Jr.
Marsha D. and Haley R. Barbour
Margaret P. and John L. Barker
Donna and James L. Barksdale
Helen B. Barnes
Jahnae H. and Eddie L. Barnett
Stephanie G. and Richard R. Barrett
Brenda K. and Lee Baumann
Barbara K. Beckmann
Deborah H. Bell and Neil W. White III
Monica T. and Raymond L. Bergin, Jr.
Ann and Ronald Bernstein
Camille and Michael F. Bianco
F. Watt Bishop
Kathryn B. Black
Sandra M. and John L. Black, Jr.
K. Dawn Blackledge
E. Josh Bogen, Jr.
Ananda K. Bollu
Norma S. Bourdeaux
Beverly Y. Langford and Charles P. Boyd
Graham G. Boyd
M. Cameron C. and B. Keith Bradford
Laura L. and John R. Bradley, Jr.
Shawn S. and David E. Brevard
Lissa L. and Adam H. Broome
Kate M. and John T. Brown
S. Kendall Dunn and John A. Buettner
Dale H. Bullen
Sheryl L. and Roland O. Burns, Jr.
Susan M. and Lampkin Butts
Gloria M. and H. Joseph Byrd
Julie S. and Charles W. Caldwell, Jr.
Elizabeth H. Campbell
William I. Campbell
Susan A. Cantrell
Lisa M. and B. Scott Caradine
Leigh Anne and James O. Carpenter
Amanda B. and James R. Carr
Celeste G. and David M. Carroll
Judith B. and Jesse L. Carroll, Jr.
Stephanie B. and Ken Carroll
Jill P. and J. Keith Carter
Julie and Timothy J. Carter
Gay L. and Steven T. Case
J. Truman Channell
Jane T. and Clarence W. Chapman
Curtis Chin
Virginia G. and Charles C. Clark
Elizabeth R. and John R. Cleveland
Mary S. and J. D. Clinton
Natalie F. Cofield
Joani and Brad Coleman
T. West Cook III
Pat M. Cooper
Linda L. and Dean Copeland
Rebecca V. and Richard G. Cowart
Linda K. and Larry A. Cox
Warren E. Cox
Helen and C. York Craig, Jr.
Cindy and Terry Crawford
Ygondine S. Creasy
Lucille W. and James H. Creekmore
Betsy S. and Wade H. Creekmore, Jr.
Wendy M. Cromwell
Sharon M. and Danny E. Cupit
Barbara H. and Mike J. Daush
Norma E. and Wallace E. Davenport
James W. Davis
Nancy and Sidney D. Davis III
Jo A. Denley
Lara M. and Vance P. Derryberry
Carol J. and Robert E. Dorsey
Jean C. Douglas
Jane M. and William C. Douglas
Cheryl A. and Michael L. Ducker
C. Martin Dunagin, Jr.
Susan H. and Kevin T. Duncan
Lynn W. and Woods E. Eastland
Mike L. Edmonds
R. Byron Ellis, Jr.
Hala N. and Mahmoud A. Elsohly
Tracie and Gregory D. Espenan
T. Keith Everett
Constance and Anthony W. Ewing
Susan B. Fant
Janet G. and S. Lawrence Farrington
Misty Shaw-Feder and Ronald M. Feder
Judith C. and Charles H. Ferguson, Jr.
Marcie C. and William R. Ferris, Jr.
Tonya K. and Dale L. Flesher
T. Paige and Andrew S. Fornea
Karen M. and William L. Freeman, Jr.
Kimberley D. Fritts
Marnie and Peter K. Frost
Mary Ann H. and Don L. Fruge’
Lee Anne and William N. Fry IV
Kathleen H. and William A. Geary
Carolyn B. and Daniel Gilchrist IV
Sarah D. Gillespie
Jean G. and C. W. R. Gispen
Donna H. and T. M. Glenn
Laura D. and Ricardo Gomez
Graeber Foundation
Bettie Y. and R. Newell Graham
Richard Grant
Steve W. Grantham, Jr.
Janice and Barrett E. Green
Reba M. and Lance Greer
Charles E. Griffin
Susan H. and G. O. Griffith, Jr.
Sandra M. and Ronny D. Guest
Susan S. and John R. Guyton
Sunny and Mac Haik
Larry J. Hardy
Cecile B. and Robert H. Harper
Laura G. Harper
Joanna D. and Alexander M. Harrelson
Lyttleton T. Harris IV
Mary D. and Samuel B. Haskell III
Cathy and Joe D. Havens, Jr.
Janice A. and P. L. Hazlewood, Jr.
Wanda M. Henderson
Mary H. and Russell J. Hensley
Ann and Gene Henson
Kirsten E. and J. Ryan Hill
Harriet N. and Albert L. Hilliard
Lisa C. and Timothy C. Holleman
Sondra S. Holman
Patricia B. Hopper
Rita N. Howard and William Garcia
Kelly and Hunter H. Howell
Kay B. and Carson M. Hughes
Sarah M. and Dan C. Hughes, Jr.
Bill Imada
Dawn M. and Fred R. Irving
Arnold Itkin
Bert R. Jennings III
Marcus C. Jennings III
D. M. Cockrell and Scott Jennings
Family of Margaret Ann McCully Jones
Henry L. Jones II
Lauren N. and Walter P. Jones
M. Kent Jones, Jr.
Jamie B. and Ernest Joyner III
Gloria and Jerrol L. Kellum
Edith Kelly-Green
Keith Ketchman
Margaret D. and Robert C. Khayat
R. Lyn Kieltyka
Elizabeth and Ross C. King
Faye H. and Walter D. King, Sr.
Martha D. Kirkley
William N. Krucks Esq.
Carol and P. Ken Lackey, Jr.
Kerri R. and Austin E. Lafferty
Kristin J. and Dex Y. Landreth
Ruth Lanier and Reese Lanier
Pamela B. and William F. Lawhead
Leah K. and Gary G. Lawson
Jennifer and John G. Lazzara
Cynthia Lewis
Patricia P. and William Lewis, Jr.
Robert E. Lewis, Jr.
Constance H. and Thomas G. Lilly
Marla W. and Lowry M. Lomax
Carolyn J. and Johnny Lott
Jeanne C. and Alwyn H. Luckey
Doug P. MacEachern
Stewart M. Madison
Kent R. and David D. Magee
Donna and W. Percy Malone
Charlotte L. and R. Phil Malone
Sharon D. and John A. Maloney
Kimberly M. and Thomas H. Malouf
Olivia W. Manning
Josephine and Wilton L. Marsalis
Sherry A. and John F. Martin
Paula S. Martin
Melody H. and John L. Maxey II
Jane and Jeremy C. McCamic
Stephanie M. and Michael McCollum
Leslie and Jason L. McCormick
Susan C. and David O. McCormick
Mike McDonnell
Margaret E. McGuire
Jackie McMillan
Charles R. McMurchy
Rachel S. McPherson and William P. McMullan III
Renee H. and Johnny P. McRight
Becky W. and Edwin E. Meek
A. Ashley and Victor H. Meena, Jr.
Susan S. and Thomas C. Meredith
Beth and J. Walter Michel
Lynne C. and Sam M. Millette, Jr.
Ivana Vujic and Jake Mincemoyer
Janice M. Molloy
Richard Molpus, Jr.
Dawn and Stephen Moody
C. Geren Moor
Lucy L. and Guy W. Moore, Jr.
Karen B. and A. Bruce Moore, Jr.
Marye and Paul H. Moore, Sr.
Raven Layne P. and Jonathan P. Moorehead
Debbie and Patrick Moran
A. Elliott Moreton
Rachelle G. and Christopher N. Mouron
Jane Kerr G. and Robert B. Nance III
Cameron F. Napier
Nancy G. and Ray H. Neilsen
Mildred R. and John A. Norris
Kristie and David H. Nutt
Thomas Oei
Colette A. Oldmixon
Dana F. and Bond E. Oman
Andrea G. and Charles L. Overby
Helen G. Overstreet
John N. Palmer
Renita A. and Mark Q. Partin
Deborah and Bobby R. Pate
MeLynn Pattillo
Elizabeth A. Payne and Kenneth A. Rutherford
Samantha M. and Will Pepper
Pamela D. and Weldon D. Perkins
Jennifer and Patrick L. Perry
Elizabeth C. and Charles W. Pickering, Jr.
Janet J. Pilko
Scarlotte M. and Crymes G. Pittman
Renvy G. Pittman
Edith Polk
E. Brinson Polk, Jr.
Jennifer H. and Ray S. Poole, Jr.
Terry G. and J. Marvin Quin
Elizabeth W. and Neal J. Quirk
Cathy Randall
Elizabeth J. and Robert M. Randall III
Kathy S. and Lee W. Randall
Sara S. and William A. Ray
Mary Sharp and James W. Rayner
Alyssa S. and Jesse B. Revis
Risen Son Foundation
Cindy and R. Neal Rich
Mary Jane and Julius M. Ridgway
Lea Ann and Brian K. Roberson
Donna R. Roberts
Christina C. and Richard R. Roberts
Stephen E. Rowell
Suzanne and Gregory Rusovich
Shannon W. and Timothy L. Rutledge
Bradley R. Ryan
J. Lynn and Ronald L. Samuels
Kathy and Joe F. Sanderson, Jr.
Earline and Lenny Sawyer
Bill Scott
Laverne W. and Francis J. Scott
Diane T. and Richard F. Scruggs
Joann S. and R. P. Scruggs III
Gail G. Seely
Cynthia M. and Robert Seibels III
Faith S. and R. Emmet Seibels IV
Janice F. and John M. Shanahan
Vasilyev Family
D. Shepard Smith
Diane A. and Frederick W. Smith
Mickey C. Smith
Pamela P. Smith
Carolyn V. and W. Marion Smith
Vicki L. and Harry A. Sneed
Myna D. and John M. Sowell
Jonathan Sporn
Risa P. and Sumner S. Spradling
E. Roe Stamps IV
Todd Starnes
Nancy K. Stengel
Alan K. Stone
Beth P. and Barry L. Storey
Marcella D. and William B. Strong, Jr.
Shyam R. Suchdeo
Heather M. and Alan K. Sudduth
Suzan B. and John H. Thames, Jr.
Martha and James T. Thomas IV
Kellie M. and Russell L. Thomas
Susan S. and Sanford C. Thomas
Carlyle G. and W. Preston Thomas, Jr.
Mitchell D. Thweatt
Lisa H. and Grady F. Tollison, Jr.
Beth and Dennis S. Tosh
Elizabeth W. and Dale A. Touchstone
Judith T. Travis
Robin S. and James M. Tucker
Cindy J. and Paul A. Turner
Betty S. and Jesse B. Tutor, Jr.
Carrie R. and Jimmie L. Valentine
Ralph B. Vance, Sr.
Brigitte B. and Stanley J. Viner
Sharon W. and Jeffrey S. Vitter
Judith and William A. Vogel
Donna R. and Gerald D. Wages
Trinity R. and S. Jared Walker
Nell B. Wall
Timothy L. Walsh
Rhondalynne and Bruce E. Ware
Susan K. and Wendell W. Weakley
Ann and Joe C. Weller
Robert L. Wells
Leslie M. Westbrook and Paolo A. Frigerio
Mitzi J. and Lynn K. Whittington
Leah S. and Robert H. Wilkerson
Nancy S. and M. C. Williams
Polly F. and Parham Williams, Jr.
Reba W. and Dave Williams
Edward B. Williston
Noell and Gary M. Wilson
M. Amanda and Edward R. Wilson, Jr.
Bobby R. and Bobby R. Wood
Sandra H. and Dennis I. Wright
Margaret A. Wylde
Melinda C. and Benjamin Yarbrough
Nancy F. and William G. Yates, Jr.
Tara D. and William G. Yates III
Erin O. and William D. Young
Lyle Zardiackas

Gold $2,500-$4,999

Joan and W. K. Abington III
Sarah G. and Jimmy D. Ainsworth
Michelle and Robert H. Alexander, Jr.
Rebecca P. and Carey W. Allen
Roz and Douglas Anderson
Michelle A. Anderson
Lisa M. and William H. Andrews, Jr.
Barbara D. and David W. Arnold
Ellen E. and Philip K. Asherman
Mary L. and Freddie J. Bagley
Natalie and Robert R. Bailess
Martha K. Bending
Sandra I. and John P. Bentley
David C. Berry
Shea and Kevin Boscamp
Rebecca A. Boswell
Jennifer and Jack Brinson
Heather M. and Mike D. Brown
Teresa C. and Charles H. Carithers, Jr.
Thomas M. Carr III
Kathryn M. and Charles E. Cauthen, Jr.
Kenneth B. Chambers
Deidre K. and Kyle R. Childers
Susan G. and Jeffrey A. Conley
Sherry D. and Richard L. Cooper
Meredith and Thomas B. Courts
Gina and John T. Crunk, Jr.
Katherine H. and John N. Daigle
Peggy S. Dawson
James B. Day
Diane Olson and Fred de Roode
Brenda and Roy G. Deary
Ceasar Douglas, Jr.
Melanie W. and Michael E. Dowell
Ouida C. and W. W. Drinkwater, Jr.
Elizabeth J. and William C. Drummond
Carole S. and William M. Dye, Jr.
Rebecca F. and Mike Ehrlicher
Kimberly K. and James N. Eickholz
Jodi L. and Robert I. Eisen
Delores and Gustavo Ezcurra
Wendi F. and Samuel J. Ferris
Frances C. and Harry Flowers
Gaye P. and Roger M. Flynt, Jr.
Elizabeth M. and W. F. Galtney, Jr.
Sandra R. and H. W. Gates
Mary-Grace H. and Justin T. Gentry
Denise C. and Gerald A. Gibson III
Leigh Ann and Stacey W. Goff
Monica R. and Hardy P. Graham, Jr.
Roane R. and Robert V. Grantham
Hind T. Hatoum
H. T. Hayden, Jr.
Mary L. and Gerald J. Haywood
Trish and George D. Hightower III
Laura H. and L. Dean Holleman
Aliza M. Holzman-Cantu and Wilfrido Cantu
Renee and Joseph A. Horning
T. E. Horton, Jr.
Gayla and Wendell L. Hoskins II
Lisa W. and Jeffrey P. Hubbard
Sandra M. and Robert T. Jackson, Sr.
Camille J. Jeffcoat
Melissa M. Jones
P. Gail and G. R. Jones, Jr.
Linda D. Keena
John Keiser
Chelle and John Kelaher
Susan M. Kelly
Annette Kluck
Mary Lynn and Nick Kotz
Sara L. Linton
Mary C. Sexton and Philip R. Loria, Jr.
Angela Lynch
Alice B. Major
Jennifer H. and S. Drake Martin, Jr.
Susan M. and William T. Mays, Jr.
Janice C. and Steve McDonald
Kathleen McGuire
Jenifer K. McMillan
Elizabeth B. and Stanley E. Mileski
Alysson L. Mills
Billie Ruth A. Moore
Melanie R. and Paul H. Moore, Jr.
Camille and William H. Morris, Jr.
Dorothy E. Berry and Richard Moses
Laura S. and Bill Mullins
Melody and Ronald Musgrove
Meta S. and Jonathon M. Nash
Christopher A. Noone
Rosemary Oliphant-Ingham
Andi R. and Butch Oustalet
Anne K. and Theodore P. Palles
Rose L. and Henry Paris
Charlotte P. and Paul N. Parks
Kelly and Charles Pfister
Alana C. and Perry W. Phillips
Mary M. and Mark T. Pierce
David M. Pincus
Martha Poindexter
Gayle and N. David Porter
Kellie L. and Andrew M. Powell
Catherine G. and Thomas G. Quaka
Simine B. and Russell J. Reed
Staci L. and Michael A. Repka
William R. Rhodes
Jon L. Ringquist
Rachelle M. and C. Scott Ririe
Carol R. Robinson and David C. Sallee
Elizabeth H. and Matthew P. Rotan
David W. Russell
Victoria L. and W. Scott Rutledge
Mary H. and Lucius F. Sams, Jr.
Mary Lou and Norman H. Seawright, Jr.
Wendy S. and John W. Seiple, Jr.
Susan P. and David C. Shaw
Valerie W. and George M. Simmerman, Jr.
Bette J. and David L. Smith, Jr.
Elizabeth C. Smith
Iris R. Smith
Barbara O. and Paul K. Smith
Karen and Kenneth Soh
Dorothy C. and William S. Stewart
Monica P. and Carter W. Stewart
Cynthia A. and Morris H. Stocks
Ginny L. and William H. Street, Jr.
Daniel Strouhal
Kenneth J. Sufka
Cori L. and Patrick W. Sullivan
Anne W. and William B. Taylor
Amanda Trabue and J. Ike Brodofsky
Joe T. Cantu and Edward J. Upton
Donna D. Wade
Tara M. and Jeff B. Walker
Valarie D. and Tommy T. Wammack
Paige and Ronnie Weinstein
Thomas M. Weissinger
Barbara Lea G. Wells
Tina Marie W. and Geoffrey J. White
Mary Alice and Donald A. White
Patricia C. White
C. Hays Burchfield and Joshua G. Whitlock
Curtis C. Wilkie, Jr.
Auldlyn H. and E. T. Williams, Jr.
Donald J. Willis
Leigh Ann H. and Jeffrey R. Wills
Carol C. and William C. Windham
Nancy O. and Zebulon M. Winstead
Carla and Peter Witt
Allyson Z. and Richard J. Zak
Frances and Jim Zook

Silver $1,848-$2,499

Dorothy S. and Bert Allen
Loree G. and David D. Allen
Shameran and James R. Anderer
Blair B. and William H. Anderson
Eileen and Nicholas J. Angelozzi, Jr.
Russell Atchley
Jean P. and Ronald K. Baker
Carol Jo Barnes
Ben W. Bender
Marshall G. Bennett
Paige H. Berry
William W. Billips
J. S. Blake
John Borchert
Audra A. and Phillip W. Bowman
Lucia R. and Louis K. Brandt
Ginny S. and Irvin L. Breckenridge III
Holly H. and Brooks R. Buchanan
Molly W. and Richard J. Call IV
Thomas L. Callicutt, Jr.
Brett W. Cantrell
Alice M. Clark
Christina and N. J. Correnti
Mark A. Crawford
Shannon L. and Mark L. Cunningham
Susan W. Dio
Lesley Q. Dobbins
Helen W. Downer
Lesly G. Murray and Stephen C. Edds
Wynlen F. and William C. Eversole
Molli A. Flynt
Ronald M. Frith
Deborah T. and W. Scott Galloway
Kathryn F. Gates
Laurel Gordon and Philip Gordon
Shelley S. and Patrick C. Gough
Alicen Grandjean and Peter W. Grandjean
Constance S. and Daniel P. Griffin
Susan S. and Mark G. Gunn
Donna H. and Aaron K. Halford, Jr.
Deborah W. Hall
Gisele P. and John R. Hansbrough
Mary A. and W. Patrick Harkins
Susan Sadler Hayman
Mary L. and J. G. Hollingsworth
Chern J. and John C. Hsu
Clara S. Hunt
Mary K. Jackson
Julie A. and Frederick W. Jewell
Ellen C. Johnson
Laura D. Jolly
Martha H. and John C. Kapeghian
Richard E. Kennedy
Patricia A. Krueger
Traute and James E. Langmesser
Elise H. and Preston H. Lee III
Wesla S. Leech
Elliot H. Loden
Tammy S. Lum
Michele S. and James P. Marum
Ashley A. and J. Scott Mattei
Katie S. McClendon
Lynda Y. and Randle T. Middleton
Lauren F. Milligan
Ann E. and Stephen M. Monroe
Frank J. Morgan, Jr.
Melva and John A. Mortimer, Jr.
Dave L. Nichols
Susan L. and H. W. Norton, Jr.
Holmes S. Pettey
Matthew R. Porter
Anita Jo and William J. Ross III
Cathey B. and David B. Russell
Morgan S. and S. Aaron Samuels
Linda B. and Stephen H. Scott
E. Lee Simmons
Catherine C. and Taylor M. Sledge, Jr.
Deborah M. and Timothy R. Smith
Lana and Scott Speck
Gabriella and Marshall St. Amant
Jerry D. Strickland II
Robyn M. and J. Rhea Tannehill, Jr.
Marsha H. and Frank L. Tindall, Jr.
Susan F. and Dennis J. Troy
Leigh Anne R. and Sean A. Tuohy
Linda B. and Turner W. Tyson II
Lugene and Nicholas Vincent
Julie Marie G. and Michael D. Waldorf
Louise W. and Ernest N. Waller
Christina and Claude M. Waycaster
Rachael H. and Dan W. Webb
Sallie Weissinger
LeaAnne and Al L. Williams
Stephanie R. and Ryan J. Williams
Sallie J. and J. Richard Wilson
Ellen L. and Milton J. Womack
Laura A. and Jerrel K. Yates
Eddie T. Yau
Gingia and W. Swan Yerger
Xu Zuo

Bronze $1,000-$1,847

Virginia W. and Charles W. Ables
Nellie M. Adams
Barry Adamson
Shaunna D. and Timothy J. Adler
Janet T. and Olen S. Akers
Emily S. and Owens F. Alexander, Jr.
James R. Alldridge
Walter L. Allen, Sr.
Karen T. and Frank A. Anderson
Janice A. Antonow
Diane S. and Robert A. Ashley
Barry W. Atkins
Susan T. and Nadim M. Aziz
Jackie P. Bailey
Martha and Thompson Baker
Michael E. Barkett
Mary Beth J. and D. Coleman Barnes, Jr.
Scott A. Barnhart
Evana M. and John L. Barrett, Jr.
John W. Barrett
Beth P. Bartlett
Susan H. and Brett R. Bartlett
Earl L. Bell
Jill M. and Richard U. Beneke
Damea B. and Louis W. Benton
Eugene Berry
Allyson M. and Robert B. Best
Lauren M. and Mark Beyers
Jane P. and Robert R. Black
Robbie and Larry G. Blackwell
Sharnita Blake
Alice B. Blount
Lanier S. and Eugene M. Bogen
Sheryl and Gordon J. Bogen
Ellen S. and Dan Bolen
Tamara D. and Todd A. Boolos
Carmen W. and Thomas C. Boronow
David R. Boswell
Carol M. and Leroy Boyd
Brenda Eames and Alan M. Braaten
Christy L. and J. Anthony Bradley
Patricia H. and John R. Brashier
Margaret C. and Brian D. Bravo
Kristy N. and David I. Bridgers III
Jennifer W. and Benjamin Bridges
Rex H. Brunt
Kaye H. Bryant
Buck Buchanan
Robin C. and Denny N. Buchannon
Aaron N. Bullock
Blake T. Burchard
Sara J. and Thomas R. Burke
Monica R. and Blake D. Byram
Ashley C. and John P. Callery
Marilyn R. and R. Frank Canada
James C. Cantrell
Winston Caperton, Jr.
Kristina Carlson
Sandra H. and W. Edward Carlton
Charles A. Carr
Dana D. and Adrian W. Cartier
Melody Crunk-Cates and Tony Cates
Richard A. Chapman
Tyler and Scott Chatten
Jayanta Chaudhury
Lauren Childress
Bentley N. and Charles E. Christopher
Sophy J. Chung
Dinah C. and Harold N. Clark, Jr.
Judith P. Clark
Shawn L. Clark
Erika W. and Charles C. Claybrook
Joan D. Cleary
Scott Clifford
Jason J. Cobb
Mary A. and Alton B. Cobb
Judith L. Cole
Lucinda S. and Stephen R. Coleman
Kristina A. and Keith S. Collins
Cheryl D. Conlee
Jolyn M. and Maxwell Cooke
Timothy M. Cooper
Cynthia and J. Scott Coopwood
Elizabeth S. and John G. Corlew
John W. Covert, Jr.
Sheila B. Cowart
Robert A. Cowden
Kitty B. Cox
Kevin R. Cozart
Kathleen H. and Dennis M. Craven
Darrell Crawford
Shirley W. Crawford
Catherine B. and William L. Crews
Heard B. and David Critchlow, Jr.
Anne M. and Robert A. Cunningham
Debra C. Cunningham
Louise V. and Greg Cunningham
Laura Currie and Robert R. Currie
Beth P. and Val S. Cuthbert, Jr.
Lori W. and Kendall B. Cyree
Elizabeth F. and Bennie Daniels, Jr.
Deborah S. and Jerry A. Davis
Lynda B. and Philip J. Deer III
David N. DeLeeuw
Lisa F. and James M. Dilley
Alexis Dinerstein-Prudhomme
Ann B. and Matthew H. Dobson
Martha Tate S. and Henry C. Dodge
Patrick H. Dogan
Barbara M. and John Z. Dollarhide
David S. and Steve Donosky
Kathryn A. Dreher
Martha S. and John H. Dunbar
Gordon H. Dunkin, Jr.
Gaines S. Dyer
Angelia and William D. Dykeman
Patricia S. and David A. Dykes
Laura and Kenneth E. Echols
Sarah E. and Stephen V. Edge
Quinton T. Edwards, Jr.
Cynthia F. and Rodney H. Edwards
Herbert C. Ehrhardt
Antonia L. Eliason
Patti N. and Robert S. Fabris, Sr.
Elizabeth R. Falls
Matthew N. Farage
Nita Faye B. and Brooke Ferris
Michael Fischer
Dorothea H. and W. Edmond Fitzgerald
Victor I. Fleitas
Rose J. and Richard L. Flenorl
Brian M. Folk
Patty and Stephen S. Foose
Margot and Richard M. Fountain
Jan W. and Eric S. Freimark
William B. French, Jr.
Martha Dale and Edward O. Fritts
Jacquelyn Fudge and Malcolm C. Cullen
Thomas Furjanic
Jennifer B. and John C. Furla
Emily C. and Lawrence M. Furlong
Dorothy M. and Curtis J. Gabardi
Carol H. and William T. Gafford
Brady M. Gailey
Jane Galvin
Dewey D. Garner, Jr.
Linda G. and Eddie H. Gatlin
Lane R. Gauthier
Deborah G. and Larry T. Gentry
Denise Gilbert
Staci and Scott R. Gill
Tana P. Graham
Susan S. and Kirk A. Graves
Shirley W. and Wayne L. Gray
Deborah D. and David F. Gregory
Laura E. and W. Walton Gresham III
Susan K. and Matthew P. Grice
Mary Ann W. and William G. Griesbeck
Richard B. Griffin
Monica R. and W. Glynn Griffing
Sonja and Bill Griffith
Thomas D. Growney
Tina H. and James W. Hahn
Jackie E. and Carter G. Haines
Anne D. and Robin W. Haire
Colleen E. and Christopher L. Haley
Melissa B. and Matthew R. Hall
Tracey M. and Michael B. Hall
Victor Han
Cindy B. and Edwin Y. Hannan
Benjamin A. Hardy, Jr.
Julie S. and H. Clayton Harrington III
Catherine A. Hawkins
Linda G. and Henry W. Haynes, Jr.
William T. Haywood, Jr.
Barbara F. Hederman
Susan L. and Daniel J. Hedglin
Suzanne H. and Campbell Helveston
Paula and Mark Hennessy
Kathryn H. Hester
Lorraine M. and William E. Hester III
Nancy M. and William T. Hewitt
William Heyman
Virginia T. and William J. Hickey III
Jennifer B. and W. Brian Hicks
J. Robert Hightower
Jean W. and J. Edward Hill
Martha R. and Frank S. Hill, Jr.
Evelyn M. and D. K. Hines
Max D. Hipp
Trey Hogue
Sandra S. and Matthew L. Holleman III
Claudia W. and R. H. Holmes IV
C. Marlene and Scott W. Holmes
Deborah M. and D. Brooks Holstein
Marijean H. and S. Kent Howell
Elizabeth P. and Andrew K. Howorth
Martha S. Huckins
Susan S. and John N. Hudson
Jennifer A. Hufford
Eva and Robert J. Hussey, Jr.
Robena K. and Walter E. Hussman, Jr.
Winn V. Hutchcraft, Jr.
Paula P. and William R. James
Evelyn F. and Michael R. Jefcoat
Pat and Robert L. Jenkins
Stacey P. Stracener and Wayne Jimenez
Gwen M. Johnson
Margaret L. Johnson
Lynnette Y. and Russell T. Johnson
Elizabeth and David Johnston
Susan P. and G. R. Joiner
Delane T. and W. H. Jolly, Jr.
J. Kizer Jones
Janice P. and Gary M. Jones
Shawnna G. Jones
Sally V. and E. Jeff Justis
C. Glenn Kellum
Michele and Kevin L. Kemp
Claire E. and Alexander J. Kiamie III
Dicki L. and John W. King
Steven B. King
James R. Kitchell
Rudolf G. Kittlitz, Jr.
William B. Kneip
Cecil W. Knight, Jr.
Sandra W. Krieger
Nancy S. Krpec
Tammy and Glenn Kushel
Therese T. and Damon T. Lai
Eugenia Lamar
Linda L. and Wayne T. Lamar
Amanda B. Landry
Margaret L. and John B. Laney, Jr.
Christy G. and Scott A. Lea
Annette D. and Jerry L. Lee
Rebecca S. and Jooh Lee
Norma R. and Tom S. Lee
Van E. Lee, Jr.
Vicki R. and C. P. Leggett, Jr.
Barbera H. Liddon
Debra L. Starnes and David M. Lindsay
Mitzi B. and William H. Linginfelter
Penny and Robert H. Lomenick
Margaret and Richard R. Lonquist
John C. Love, Jr.
William Loveless
Carol S. and James A. Lowe
Tara A. and Kurre T. Luber
Jennifer M. and Peter J. Magielnicki
Rita K. and Daniel T. Mahn
Elisabeth C. and Hugh S. Mallory
Rhoda N. and Edward C. Maloney
Michael J. Malouf, Sr.
Cathleen A. and C. D. Martin
Karen C. Matthews
Debra and Terry Mattingly
Nancy P. and Nick A. Mavar, Jr.
Cherri D. and William S. Mayo
Suzanne M. and David J. McCaffrey III
Ginger B. and John W. McCaleb
James V. McCardle
Emily D. Mccauley
Juliette W. and Gary A. McGaha
Mimi T. and Edward R. McGraw
Diane W. and Steven G. McKinney
Amy A. and John M. McMahon
Carole L. and Joseph R. Meadows
Marie S. Melichar
Shannon M. and Moss B. Melton
Elizabeth B. and Floyd M. Melton, Jr.
Lisa T. and Floyd M. Melton III
Lynn A. and J. Scott Middleton, Jr.
Sheral Cade and Vernon Miller, Jr.
Wayne Minor
Floyce M. and Charles W. Misenhelter
Becki and David H. Mitchell
Lynda and Richard D. Mitchell
Lisa C. and Michael B. Mitchell
Kathleen and David W. Mockbee
Suzanne R. Montague
Karen C. and Robert S. Montjoy
Lynda Montoya
C. Sue Moore
Pamela L. Moore
Jerilou J. and Walt Moore III
Bethany E. Moreton
Geron Morgan
Shaquinta and Markeeva A. Morgan
Susan Lou Morris
Janet M. and Peter B. Muncie
Rene A. and Grover M. Myers
Mary K. and David L. Naron
Nayla A. and George J. Nassar, Jr.
Jennifer W. and James H. Neeld IV
Lacy G. Newman
Mary A. and Joe D. Nichols
Timothy Nieman
Donna Niewiaroski and Allan E. Bellman
Walterine P. and Cecil D. Odom
Joseph G. Oliver
Michelle M. and Richard E. Olson
J. David Orlansky
Jon F. Parcher
Jennifer L. and Jonathan M. Parsons
Betty L. and James P. Pate
Casey W. and Cason Pearce
James A. Peden, Jr.
Sally Pederson and James A. Autry
Charlotte F. Pegues
William E. Pegues III
Myra H. and W. Paul Pennebaker, Jr.
Rosalyn N. Perry
Frances A. Phillips
Claire H. and Logan Phillips, Jr.
Kathryn and Benjamin J. Piazza, Jr.
Karrie M. and James F. Pierson III
Linda B. and Jim Pitcock
Gail J. and John R. Pittman
John M. Pittman, Jr.
Lindsay M. and Harris F. Powers III
Clayton C. Purdom
James Queen
Stephan F. Quiriconi
Martha H. Rader
Patricia W. and R. Vance Randall
Kenneth Ransby
Wendy J. Garrison and Richard Raspet
Kenneth G. Ray
Diana W. and John B. Read III
Amanda and George B. Ready
Karren S. and Thomas E. Reardon
Isla C. and T. R. Reckling III
Cynthia S. and William N. Reed
Deidre and John B. Reed, Jr.
Lance Reed
Vicki and Brian J. Reithel
Audra S. and Thomas E. Rester, Jr.
Susan S. and William H. Rigby, Jr.
Carey B. and Marshall D. Rivers
Vivian C. and David G. Roach
Kimberly S. and Peter Robertson
Martha C. and Terry A. Robertson
Tommie L. Robinson, Jr.
Michelle L. and David Rock
Bonnie K. Harkness and James F. Rogers
Ellen Rolfes
William A. Roper, Jr.
Marc Rosen
Janie S. Rozier
Kelley N. Rusnak
Elizabeth H. Sansing
Sarah C. Sapp
Carol C. Satterfield
Karen W. and Eric M. Saul
Cecilia L. Caldwell and Philip Scavotto
Beverly C. and J. Gorman Schaffer, Jr.
Donna L. and Thomas C. Schmidt
Priscilla P. Schmitz
Linda R. and William A. Schroeder III
Elaine H. Scott
Janet R. and Gary W. Scott
Mabelle G. and James L. Seawright, Jr.
Melvin H. Seid
Cindy A. and Jonathan D. Seigle
Sara M. and William M. Shoemaker, Jr.
Stephanie M. and David F. Shy
Sharon R. and John S. Simpson III
Lynn M. and William T. Sloan
Sophie J. Slovick
Augusta H. and William K. Smith
Brett Smith
Donna W. and Donald S. Smith
Mary E. and J. G. Smith, Jr.
Melanie D. Smith
Lyndall J. and Gary P. Snyder
Frank D. Sorrel, Jr.
Markie Spell
Hubert A. Staley
Leslie M. and Gordon L. Stanfield
Richard G. Starmann
Joann R. Stefani
Garland T. Stephens
Jene J. Stevens
Sherry and J. Randall Strong
Clarke W. Stuckey
Neal H. and John M. Sumner
Ward and James C. Sumner
Molissia L. and Walker J. Swaney
Genevieve and Michael Swenson
Pamela P. and Hugh E. Tanner
Molly M. Goldwasser and Colin Tate
Boyce A. Taylor
Stephens D. Taylor
Stacey E. and B. Blake Teller
Laura H. and Samuel R. Thomas
Jan P. and N. Gordon Thompson, Sr.
Robert Totte
Lori L. and Terry F. Traylor
Judith D. Trott
Robert J. Turgeon
Sidnette W. and Edward W. Turnage III
Staci H. and Thomas B. Tyler
Semmes R. Van Brocklin
Victoria D. and James E. Vance
Karen R. and J. Paul Varner
Margaret J. Varshock
Don R. Vaughan
Anne P. and Jerry G. Veazey, Jr.
Geoffrey P. Vickers
Ramanarayanan Viswanathan
Doris A. Wagley
Bernice J. and Henry A. Walker
Christie K. and George R. Walker III
Jane M. and Thomas H. Walman
Juliet H. and Gerald W. Walton
Lavone R. and Ty Warren
Polly P. and Walter G. Watkins, Jr.
Jenny L. and Dennis E. Watts
Faye W. and Bobby F. Weatherly
Martha S. and Donald Q. Weaver
Debbie and David P. Webb
Tracy and Larry D. Weeden, Sr.
Cathy and Craig Weiss
Amy E. Wells Dolan
Keren E. and David K. Wells
W. Calvin Wells IV
Debora R. and Mitchell R. Wenger
Rebecca J. and Steve West
Elizabeth P. and William F. West
Adrienne A. and Jason D. Whaley
Wanda Whaley
Heather W. and Walter J. White
Jeannine H. and Charles Neel White
Marjorie M. and Homer A. Whittington, Jr.
Joy Ann W. and Chris L. Wiginton
Wilma J. and Robert P. Wilbanks
Denise E. and Mark Wilder
Shawn and Bobby S. Wilkerson
Suzanne and Noel E. Wilkin
Dawn E. Wilkins
Margaret W. Wilks
Kristie L. Willett and Jason E. Ritchie
Andrew M. Williams
Carla C. and Bryan L. Williams
Cynthia C. and David T. Williams
Elizabeth O. and Jim E. Williams
Jane C. and Nason L. Williams
Kenneth W. Williams
Emily F. and Mike E. Williams
Carol and Stanley L. Williams
Jacob H. Williamson
June G. and Owen K. Williamson
Marie L. Antoon and Charles R. Wilson
Jody S. and J. R. Wilson
Rebecca E. and Marvin C. Wilson
Samantha T. and Mack D. Woo
Melanie S. and Herbert L. Woodrick, Jr.
Madeline A. and James A. Woods
Marvin D. Woody
Nathan C. Wright
Camille S. and Stuart A. Yahm
Jane P. and Frank M. Yerger
Tobi and Evan A. Young
Mei F. and Jie Zou

Young Alumni $100-$999**

Lindsey M. and Andrew M. Abernathy
Madeleine E. Achgill
David D. Allen III
Mary K. and James B. Allen, Jr.
Andrew D. Anglin
Hannah G. and W. Thomas Ardrey
Sheila Arun Kumar
Suzanne C. and Joe B. Atkins
David M. Austin
Erica B. and Shawn T. Avent
Jordan R. Ayers
Zvonimir Babic
Elizabeth L. Bagley
Brittany E. Barbee
Mary Bryan Barksdale
Corey and Dereck Barr-Pulliam
Evana M. and John L. Barrett, Jr.
Joseph M. Bell
James R. Lacey and Nathan C. Best
Alexia C. Boggs
Lakierra V. Brown
Jamie A. Bruce
Douglas L. Busari
Jahvae M. Bush
Jordan B. Butler
Taylor M. Campbell
Thomas E. Chandler
James C. Church
Andrew P. Cicero III
Jessica E. Clarke
J. Terrel Clay
Ricky Clayton
Chase L. Cockrell
Kristy O. and Bryon D. Cohron
Caroline M. Cole
Sally L. Cook
Kevin R. Cozart
William W. Crowley
Martin H. Cunningham, Jr.
James D. Dalrymple
Kelsey R. Davidson
Mary Catherine Davis
Nikki N. and Stuart S. Davis
William R. Day
A. Seth Dickinson
Spencer M. Durden
Teresa B. Eddy
Matthew J. Edwards
Charles E. Ellis III
Nukia R. Ellzey
Jasmine J. Featherson
Emily K. Ferris
Ashley K. and Michael J. Fonte
Jennifer W. Ford
William A. Freeman
Virginia A. Gamble
Iva O. Cramer and Daniel J. Garrett
Amanda E. Gerard
Stefanie and Gregory A. Goodwiller
Katrinia C. Graham
Annie and Maximilian Graupner
Courtney L. Gregory
Breanne S. Griffin
Jennifer V. Gross
Alexandra R. and J. Cody Hallmark
Shannon M. and Scott S. Haltom
Stephen G. Haltom
Lucius M. Lamar and Kerry W. Hamilton
Ashley S. and Joel A. Hanel
Kallie M. Harrington
Amy C. and J. Houston Hartley
Thomas J. Hawthorne
Maya Shields and Alexander M. Heideman
Eugenia H. and Gerald M. Henson
Jennifer A. Hicks
Lauren Rowe-Hobbs and Mitchell W. Hobbs
Heather E. Horn
William K. Hoskins
W. Lee Ingram
Mary Margaret and Charles S. Jenkins
Sarah E. Jenne
Kahleo Johnson
Nancy P. and Benjamin C. Johnson
Nicole M. Johnson
Rebecca M. and Robert T. Jolly
Leanne Z. and Gavin S. Kendricks
Chloe E. Kennedy
Kelly E. Kennedy
Madison C. and Houston R. Keyes
Anne M. Klingen
Ashleigh E. and Colin J. Knight
W. Blake Knight
Michael E. Lambert
Maura W. and Alexander B. Langhart
Grace Marie and John C. Lawton
Cynthia T. Lee
Colbert N. Lehr
Chelsea C. and Benjamin C. Lewis
Lindsay W. and Michael A. Lightfoot
Qianru Lin
Malerie V. Lovejoy
Claire G. and Jody P. Lowe
Charles B. Luna
Libby K. Lytle
Amy E. Marceaux and Gillian M. Love
S. Bennett Maxwell
Molly R. McConnell
Zachary McCraw
Matthew L. McDowell
Jerry D. McGloster, Jr.
Avis T. McGowan
T. Neal McMillin, Jr.
Shawnboda D. and Neal Mead
Benny A. Melton
Jeremy J. Miller
Steven J. Montross
Ronnie K. Morgan, Jr.
Alberto Moriel
Taylor A. Mote
Lindsay D. and James A. Murphy
Chloe L. Nelson
C. Clements Odom
James E. Orth II
E. Forbes Owen
Grayson M. and Garrett B. Ozbun
Abigail E. Padgett
Jennifer L. and Jonathan M. Parsons
D. Paden Patterson
Elizabeth B. and Austin C. Patton
Chelan Pauly
Leland S. Pettigo
Katherine M. and Tanner W. Phillips
Ashley M. Pitts
R. Matthew Porchivina III
Cady R. Porter
Sujith Ramachandran
Elizabeth M. Randall
J. Conner Ray
Chelsea R. and Brandon H. Riches
T. Park Roach
Phillip S. Rowland
Linda K. and Kevin A. Russell
Sarah L. Rychlak
Taylor B. Sandroni
Olivia N. Scarbrough
Andrew C. Schrag
Charles E. Scott, Jr.
Alex J. Scrimpshire
J. Corbett Senter
Kellie A. Shannon
Sadie Sherrill
Ali Z. Siddiqui
Ysabella C. St. Amant
Margaret E. Starks
Mary E. and Jonathan R. Stephens
Lauren A. Stickland
Samuel E. Stokes
Taylor A. Story
Rachel S. Strickland
Ryan A. Strong
Maribel and Douglass Sullivan-Gonzalez
Alexander P. Tanner
Maheesha N. and Sumudu P. Tennakoon
Elliott F. Thomas III
Donna J. Tippitt
Pamela K. and Noah D. Tobak
Elizabeth Towle
Marie A. Treadwell
Audra J. Trnovec
Melinda W. and Stephen G. Valliant
Robin K. Walker and Byron L. Liles
Phillip C. Waller
T. Cecil Ward
A. Spencer Wickline
A. Bennett Wilfong
Lynn A. and William T. Wilkins IV
Julia G. and Oliver Williams
Paxton E. Williams
Sarah B. and Matthew R. Wilson
C. Palmer Withers
Caroline W. and Michael J. Wolfe
Brooke B. and Michael D. Worthy

*This membership reflects donors to the University of Mississippi Medical Center but does not include the Ole Miss Alumni Association or the Ole Miss Athletics Foundation. 

**Young Alumni membership is based on an alumnus’ most recent degree from the university within the last decade. Young alumni of the past one to five years (most recent UM degree from 2013-2019) can join with an annual gift of $100. Young alumni of the past six to ten years (most recent UM degree from 2008-2012) can join with an annual gift of $500. Young alumni who gave $1,000 or more are recognized at one of the giving levels above.