Planned Giving

When you plan a gift to Ole Miss as part of your long-term estate and financial goals, you support students and programs far into the future while still ensuring that your loved ones are cared for. Planned giving sows the seeds today that will help our institution flourish tomorrow.

Eight Ways to Plan Your Gift

Wills and Living Trusts

Interested in helping the university but aren’t ready to write a check or part with your assets today? A simple, flexible, and versatile way to ensure your support for years to come is by making a gift outlined in your will or living trust, known as a charitable bequest.

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Beneficiary Designations

Name Ole Miss as a beneficiary to receive assets such as retirement plans and life insurance policies after your lifetime. It’s an easy and flexible way to give. You aren't locked into the choices you make today; you can review and adjust beneficiary designations any time. And because Ole Miss is tax-exempt the university receives all, rather than just a portion, of your gift.

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Charitable Gift Annuities

To establish a charitable gift annuity, make your gift to Ole Miss and in exchange receive a fixed annual dollar amount for life. The principal remaining after your lifetime will then benefit the University of Mississippi program of your choice.

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Charitable Remainder Trusts

If you have built a sizeable estate and are also looking for ways to receive reliable payments, you may want to explore setting up a charitable remainder trust. Benefits include the potential for a partial charitable income tax deduction; the potential for increased income; and up-front capital gains tax avoidance. This can be done two ways. An annuity trust pays you, each year, the same dollar amount you choose at the start. Your payments stay the same, regardless of fluctuations in trust investments. A unitrust pays you, each year, a variable amount based on a fixed percentage of the fair market value of the trust assets. The amount of your payments is re-determined annually.

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IRA Charitable Rollover

If you are 70.5 years old or older, you can give up to $100,000 from your IRA directly to the university without having to pay income taxes on the money. Your gift will be put to use today, allowing you to see your philanthropic dollars at work and jump-starting the legacy you would like to leave.

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Charitable Lead Trust

Do you want to benefit from the tax savings that result from supporting Ole Miss while maintaining assets that you’d like your family to receive someday? You can have it both ways with a charitable lead trust. You give assets to a trust that pays our organization set payments for a number of years, which you choose. The longer the length of time, the better the potential tax savings to you. When the term is up, the remaining trust assets go to you, your family or other beneficiaries you select.

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Memorials and Tribute Gifts

Establish a memorial or tribute gift is a meaningful way to honor a loved one's life or celebrate a special occasion while supporting Ole Miss. Your memorial or tribute gift will expand the legacy of your loved one and make a difference in the lives of our students.

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Endowed Gifts

You have the power to help safeguard the future of the University of Mississippi by making an endowed gift. Your gift is an investment in Ole Miss’ future, helping our academic community grow for years to come. Create a new endowment or add to an existing endowment. The principal is invested and a portion of the principal’s earnings are used each year to support its mission. Endowments begin at the $25,000 level.

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